As my twitter profile reads, Software Engineer | Digerati is the most concise way I, Stanley Ndagi, could describe myself but there's more...


  • 🇰🇪 is Kenyan (by birth)
  • ✍️ enjoys writing
  • 🥾 likes the outdoors (hiking, camping)
  • 🙏 is a believer of Jesus Christ


Invoke the builder and serve

What does this mean?

At the core, I am a tinkerer*. Secondly, I like to think that I care about people. My personal mantra reminds me of this identity; calling me to action!


  • Software engineering
  • DIY
  • Leadership
  • Mentorship
  • ...

3rd party Media

A few mentionables:

Open Source

  • VueDjango - A VueJS-Django-Webpack boilerplate


Developer publications I've written for:


Stan is short for Stanley but I'm not the stan kind of a fan!

(Stan* - portmanteau of Stalker & fan)

Here's a non-exhaustive list of people, initiatives I fancy:

All time favourites

Time and Tide

I use the #OneWord365 philosophy rather than new year resolutions. These are my musings on the same since 2018.

Et al (& others)

Otherwise, all my pen strokes in Hashnode can be found here.

My home in the WWW* is here and this is where you can find me around the web:

Use any of the last four links here if you'd like to reach out including meeting up 😀

tinkerer*: a person who enjoys fixing and experimenting with machines and their parts. (Reference).

stan*: a particularly (perhaps excessively) avid fan. (Reference).

WWW*: World Wide Web